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List of awards with links to entries, click here.  

While covid-19 restrictions no longer apply, the pandemic continues. Consequently, the BookNest shop only be opening on fine days when we can have most of our display outside.



Normally, from October to May, the Marysville BookNest is open on Saturday and Sunday from11am to 3pm.

Normally, during Winter, the shop is open on Saturday and  Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

Monday openings are confined to holidays and special events.


The Marysville BookNest is a community-run second-hand bookshop which supports reading and writing in the local community and beyond.

Click here to see our objectives in more detail and our News page for many of the activities that have been supported by our sales. 

These include the Community Art Library.  a prize at the annual Art Show and writing workshops.

BookNest is supporting regular meetings of a writers group.

Next writers' meeting:

February 13, 2023.

Marysville BookNest is also on Facebook (if you have an account) and on Instagram (but you will need an account to see more than the first group of pictures).

Marysville is in  Taungurung Country.

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