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A log of our activities for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023,

2024 and links to competition results for 2022 and 2023.


Donation to Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Planning for 2024 Writing competition commenced.

July 29 (tentative). Closing date for 2024 Writing Competition

June 8. Booknest stall in afternoon market in Community Centre (from 2pm) as part of Marysville Winter Festival.

May 2024. Ongoing. Development of outdoor free library box (in partnership with TAG and Marysville Men's Shed).

May 20. Opening date for entries to 2024 Writing Competition

April 2024. Established online presence on Biblio for selling special books.

Click here for

March  9. Stall at Twilight Market.

January 26, 2024. Successful stall at Twilight Market.


November 11 2023.

Awards event at MIRA for 2023 Writing Competition. Click here for results.

November 5 2023.

Successful evening stall at Marysville Twilight Market.

November 3, 2023.

BookNest  again sponsored a prize, for a local artist, at the 2023 Marysville Art Show. This year the winner was Kerri Hollingsworth with a decorated chair titled regeneration, symbolising recovery from fire.

May 22, 2023 to July 31 2023.

Entry dates for 2023 Writing Competition.

January 28, 2023.

 Awards  event at MIRA with over 60 attendees. Announcement of results of 2022 writing competition with presentations of certificates and readings and overview comments from our judge Jo  SciclunaMain results here.  More about event.

Results with links to entries here.


Donations to Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Marysville Primary School, Buxton Primary school.


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November 11, 2022.

Entries for writing competition closed. Judging commenced.

November 1, 2022.

The BookNest prize at the Marysville Art Show was won by Karen McGregor for her thread painting of a rainbow lorikeet.

August 2022.

Establishing BookNest Writing Competition (click here for details) for local writers. 

August 1 2022.

 Inaugural meeting of BookNest Writing Group. Subsequent meetings on 15, 29  August.


BookNest have again made donations to Marysville Kindergarten and Marysville and Buxton Primary Schools to support children's reading and writing.


BookNest have again made a donation to  the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation provides books and reading materials for remote indigenous communities.


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11 am October 31, 2021.

Launch of Community Art Library. at MIRA as part of ArtsFest.

Cup day weekend, 2021.

Art show. The BookNest prize at the 2021 Marysville Art Show was awarded to Alexandra-based author and illustrator Bev Aisbett for her painting All the Little Souls. A gallery of her work is at 

In between lockdowns: 2021

Community Art Library. BookNest received a donation from Rosemary Mangiamele of several hundred art books for a community browsing collection in MIRA. BookNest is contributing to the costs of building shelving, a task that was undertaken by a group, led by Bon McNamara, at the Men's Shed.

Planned 2021.

Local writers. A series of afternoon and evening events with recently published local writers. Plans on hold after first two events due to pandemic restrictions.

April 30, 2021.

6pm to 8pm at MIRA. Second local writers event.

A Different Kind of Seeing. Marie Younan and Jill Sanguinetti.

April 10, 2021.

1pm to 3pm MIRA.

Book launch of The Other Side of the World, by Anne Richey who talked about

her book and the process of publishing. This was the first of our local writers events.

Anne's book is available from MIRA or Kindle edition from Amazon.

January 26, 2021.

Third anniversary - low key due to Covid restrictions.

January 2021.

Donation to Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

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November 21, 2020.

Re-opened, operating primarily on outside tables, once restrictions were relaxed and travel from Melbourne permitted.


November, 2020.

Covid-safe plan developed.

November 2020.

Donations to Marysville and Buxton Primary Schools and Marysville Kindergarten to support reading and writing activities.

June 27-28, 2020.

Re-opened  for weekends in school holidays with a very successful first weekend, but bad weather prevented us opening on the following weekend, and then came the Melbourne lockdown.

March 21, 2020.

BookNest shop closed in response to Covid19 pandemic.

February 2020.

Donation to Indigenous Literacy Foundation.


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November 23, 2019.

Reading our writing. At MIRA. Nine participants from our writing workshops read pieces of their work. Click here for program.

November 11, 2019.

Seven steps to writing young adult and children's stories. The last of our writing workshops. Presented by award-winning author Elizabeth Fensham, author of nine novels for children and young adults.

November 2-6, 2019.

Marysville Art Show. The Marysville BookNest sponsored a prize which was won by Monbulk artist Dianne Bloemhoff for the painting "Spring Welcome".

October 2019.

Donations to Marysville and Buxton Primary Schools and Marysville Kindergarten to support reading activities.

October 2019.

BookNest was again a sponsor of the Jazz and Blues weekend.

August 20, 2019.

Writing about things that matter. Our fourth  writing workshop, with Israeli-Australian author Lee Kofman.

June 25, 2019.

Writing poetry. Our third writing workshop with poet, educator and performer Emilie Zoey Baker.

April 30, 2019.

Short story writing. Our second writing workshop, with  novelist and short-story writer Cate Kennedy.

February 26, 2019.

Writing a life. This was the first of our writing workshops, on writing memoirs, led by writer and human-rights advocate Arnold Zable. The series of five writing workshops is funded with generous support from the Marysville and Triangle Community foundation.


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November 28, 2018.

BookNest provide refreshments for Murrindindi Mobile Library On the Couch event at MIRA

November 1-5, 2018.

Marysville Art Show. The Marysville BookNest sponsored a prize which was won by Yarra Valley artist Jerry Osadczuk for his painting, 'Soft Landing'. Again, with more people in town for the art show, we had a good weekend for sales.

October 19-21, 2018.

The 4th annual Jazz and Blues weekend was held in October and the Marysville BookNest was  bronze sponsor of this weekend. Despite a wet start on the Saturday we had an excellent weekend of sales.

January 26, 2018.

BookNest opened in replica of old police station.

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Results of 2023 Writing Competition.

Links to entries coming soon

Short Stories  Open Age 

1st Prize: Can you hear me. Jenny Baker

2nd prize: The fire-breathing teapot  Molly Love


Forest friendship. Peter Barry

Roy writes home. Jill Dwyer

Letter from Mars. Jenny Baker

Young Writers

1st prize: Not entirely alone. Rose

2nd prize: Limestone. Freya


Lost in my head. Freya

Triangle Junior Writer (Primary Years).

1st Prize: The sugar glider. Emmylou

equal 2nd prize: Back room. Dineth

equal 2nd prize: The new friend Shnooga and Mini Potato. Zara

Poetry Open Age.

1st prize: Goldtown cemetery. Jill Dwyer

2nd prize: Waiting. Molly Love


Trees and tiny birds. Athene Thompson

The good life. Lyn Pope

Results of 2022 Writing Competition.
Short Stories  Open Age 
1st Prize: "The Simple Test". Sarah Strong.
2nd Prize: "Difficult Decisions". Jenny Baker.
Special award
"MISO: the Green Cat". Indigo
Special mentions

"Change". Diedre Penhale.
"At the Exhibition". Jill Dwyer.
"Walking Away". Kath Stewart.
"The Gardener Takes the Vandal in B3". Molly Love.

Young Writer – Senior Category (to 18 years of age)
1st Prize: "In the Hands of Fate". Olivia Gourlay.
2nd Prize: "Crossing Paths".  Rose McQueen

Young Writer – Middle Category (to 15 years of age)
1st Prize: "The Before". Lilah Galbraith.
2nd Prize: "Midnight Melody". Olivia Gourlay
Encouragement award.

"Monolith". Charlie McQueen.

Triangle Junior Writer Category (Primary School Years).
1st Prize:  "The Worst Nightmare". Ben Harris.
2nd Prize: "A Magical Land". Lincoln Goundar.
Special award.

"The Faraway Beach". Indigo Russell
Encouragement awards;
"The  Baby Bird". Emmylou Ackerman.
"Near Extinction". Riley Cole.
"Slime Covered Earth". Leo Hogan.
"The Scorching Sea". Dean Smythe.
"Whales vs Aliens". Tarni Koster.
"The Army". Charlotte Pullen.
"The Evil Robot". Emmett Bibby.
"The Race". Louis Hill.

Poetry Open Age.
1st Prize: "Sanctuary Road". Jill Dwyer.
2nd Prize: "Dying Light". Sarah Strong
Special award

"Floods". April Ravary.
Special mentions
"A  Wish for Marysville". Michaela Del Castillo.
"A War Over Turf". Lucas McDonald.


2023 results
 Reading Our Writing 23/11/2019

7.00pm Refreshments by Lilli

7.15pm Welcome MC - Jackie Mansourian

1) Eileen Slack - Poetry                    Rampaging Nature and A different drum

2) Raelene Bartlett - Memoir             Her Nanna

3) Roger Gibson - Poetry

4) Lucy Franklin – Memoir                Black Saturday

5) Elaine O’Shannessy – Poetry        The Night-time Builders

Tayla Ann - Performance of her own songs

6) Beth Page – Poetry                      Came the Snow

7) Katherine McKintosh - Memoir

8) Jill Sanguinetti - Poetry

9) Bob McNamara – Short-story         My Paris Haircut

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