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Full Results 2022 BookNest Writing Competition

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Short Stories

Open Age

1st Prize: "The Simple Test". Sarah Strong.

2nd Prize: "Difficult Decisions". Jenny Baker.

Special award

"MISO: the Green Cat". Indigo Russell.

Special mentions

"Change". Diedre Penhale.

"At the Exhibition". Jill Dwyer.

"Walking Away". Kath Stewart.

"The Gardener Takes the Vandal in B3". Molly Love.

Young Writer – Senior Category (to 18 years of age)

1st Prize: "In the Hands of Fate". Olivia Gourlay.

2nd Prize: "Crossing Paths". Rose McQueen.

Young Writer – Middle Category (to 15 years of age)

1st Prize: "The Before". Lilah Galbraith.

2nd Prize: "Midnight Melody". Olivia Gourlay

Encouragement award.

"Monolith". Charlie McQueen.


Triangle Junior Writer Category (Primary School Years)

1st Prize: "The Worst Nightmare". Ben Harris.

2nd Prize: "A Magical Land". Lincoln Goundar.

Special award. "The Faraway Beach". Indigo Russell

Encouragement awards;

"The Baby Bird". Emmylou Ackerman.

"Near Extinction". Riley Cole.

"Slime Covered Earth". Leo Hogan.

"The Scorching Sea". Dean Smythe.

"Whales vs Aliens". Tarni Koster.

"The Army". Charlotte Pullen.

"The Evil Robot". Emmett Bibby.

"The Race". Louis Hill.

Poetry Open Age.

1st Prize: "Sanctuary Road". Jill Dwyer.

2nd Prize: "Dying Light". Sarah Strong

Special award

"Floods". April Ravary.

Special mentions

"A Wish for Marysville". Michaela Del Castillo.

"A War Over Turf". Lucas McDonald.

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